We are Canada’s national not-for-profit fundraising foundation for women’s sexual and reproductive health. With the support of individuals, medical organizations and companies, we fund research that is improving “health between the hips” for Canadian women at every stage of their lives. We are champions of increased funding for research on women’s health and we also foster support for international women’s health programs.

Research supported by the Canadian Foundation for Women’s Health translates directly into advancements in sexual and reproductive health for Canadian women.

Flowers for Mother’s Day (& any day!) 

Flower CFWH

The Canadian Foundation for Women’s Health and Canada Flowers have partnered for the benefit of Maternal and Newborn Health in Canada.

Please see our carefully selected arrangements :




The flowers are available year long and would make an incredible Mother’s Day gift! A portion of the profits of the specified arrangements will be received by the CFWH.


SOGC is the Founder and Administrator of CFWH