Research & Funding

Ovarian and cervical cancer. Infertility. Pregnancy and delivery complications. Post-partum depression. Symptoms of menopause.

These are just a few of the sexual and reproductive health challenges that every day affect the lives of millions of Canadian women and their families and friends. Yet research into women’s health issues is seriously under funded compared to the impact those issues have on all of our lives.

That’s where the Canadian Foundation for Women’s Health comes in.

At the University of British Columbia, Dr. Patricia Janssen is looking for ways to protect at-risk pregnant women from domestic violence. At the University of Ottawa, Dr. Andrée Gruslin’s research legacy could reduce widespread and often dangerous pregnancy complications for women suffering from obesity. At McMaster University, Dr. Laurie Elit is studying what adolescents know about HPV—a sexually transmitted viral infection that can cause cervical cancer—and how that knowledge affects their sexual behaviour.

These are just a few of the groundbreaking CFWH-funded research projects across Canada that are improving health for women of all ages. From menstruation to contraception, from childbirth to menopause and beyond, CFWH-supported research translates directly into improvements in the sexual and reproductive health of Canadian women.

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