How You Can Help

How can you help CFWH improve “health between the hips” for all women? This page explains how you can donate, volunteer, or help promote the Foundation.

Help Promote CFWH

There are many ways you can help to promote CFWH:

  • Participate: Join us for our next run or walk in your community, or organize one of your own.Try hosting a wine and cheese or a themed fundraising party. Get together and get creative!
  • Follow us on Twitter @betweenthehips and see what we are up to!
  • “Like” our Facebook Page and tell your friends to like us too!


Donate to CFWH Programs Now

Help support groundbreaking research and education that saves lives and improves reproductive health for all women. Big, small, or somewhere in between, every donation makes a difference. We are always on the lookout for ways to take women’s health research and education to the next level.

Donations can be made online.

If mailing your donation, please make your donation payable to The Canadian Foundation for Women’s Health and indicate the fund of your choice (General Fund, Research Fund, International Women’s Health Fund, or the Ghislaine Francoeur Fund).

Volunteer at CFWH

To advance women’s reproductive health, CFWH needs support from all walks of life and all ages. Whether you have been personally affected by a women’s health issue, want to give back to your community or are looking for career experience or personal improvement, we need your skills and commitment!
You can volunteer for the short or long term, part-time or full-time—it’s your call. Fill out an application form to be part of the CFWH team and join our group of passionate individuals.

Every year, on February 12th, also known as “Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day” the CFWH launches an Annual Fund Campaign to help raise funds. See what project you can support this year!

SOGC is the Founder and Administrator of CFWH